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The film somehow got into filesharing networks, though, and enjoys cult status among fans. Not receiving enough interest from producers and TV channels for such a distant but nonetheless important political event in German history Vu focused on genre movies again. A film adaptation of H. It was first planned as a graduation film, but soon the project grew too large for the scope of the thesis. Therefor he and co-producer Jan Roth decided to make the film with their own resources after graduation. It has since been published via self-distribution and through retailers in Sweden, Finland and the USA.

Jan learned of the world of H.

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He quickly became a fan of the author, and eventually introduced Huan to his works as well. But it will also be a film that is full of fantastic sceneries and strange creatures like the films of his childhood days. Sometimes dreams do come true. It never bothered him in the least that some films were not meant for children or adolescents. Inappropriate ratings on video cassette boxes would simply be relabeled when he was young. Based out of London and Vienna, Martin has since worked as an independent Cinematographer and Director for image-, short films and music videos.

The next stage of his creative development was when he used his own tape recorder to tape dialog from various television shows and re-editing the recordings into humorous nonsense collages. It all started with his time contributing to the school newspaper. For him it was the next logical step to go into Media Design.

After his position as Art director for a small advertsing agency became too monotonous, it was clear that Chris needed seek out new challenges. This was where hecame into contact with matte paintings for the first time and he quickly realized that this was where all of his skills, knowledge and interests all came together. So over the years she autodidactically and experimentally occupied herself with unusual clothing pieces and the processes needed to produce them. And thus she was eventually able to create such unusual and interesting pieces herself.

During the course of her studies Archeology and the European Middle-Ages she frequently came in contact with old hand working methods and historical clothing. This became a passion that due to increasing professionalism and accuracy, led to her first customer orders and an ever increasing store of knowledge and experience. After graduation Hannah went on to study tailoring and fashion Design so that she could turn her passion into her profession.

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